Just Call Melody helps small business owners to improve their social media and internet presence by reviewing current practices and offering suggestions and instruction to help grow their business.
To have a friendly conversation about you and your business with a fellow entrepreneur who is truly interested in helping you become more successful.
It’s me, Melody Stenstrom, a self-professed lover of dogs, sewing, reading and sunsets.
I am a Social Media Manager & Consultant. I also love to learn about people and their stories.
If you would like to improve your online presence.
If you could use some suggestions on how to better engage on social media.
If you would like to see how your online status measures up against the competition.
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Lifelong Michigander | best family | loved college | great job | fabulous husband | amazing children | family caregiver| hometown volunteer | wonderful job | big move | new beginning | following passions | focused reconnect | dream job

Ok, so that was my life in two word increments. I could fill many pages highlighting the good, bad, ups, downs and overall tapestry of my time here on Earth. But, that’s not why you are here. You are curious to read about who this Melody is and why you should stay and read this page (that’s what I wonder as I view other people’s websites).

I am most fortunate to have many talents & skills and have spent my life helping others. Whether it was my family, friends, co-workers, children, acquaintances, or strangers – it’s just what I do. As I entered the second phase of life I realized that I wanted to embrace this fact about myself and use it to shape my future.

Enter – Lifelong Dream – Having my own business

I have had several different ideas or dreams that I thought would one day become my “business”. Bed & Breakfast, Shoe Store Owner, Sewing, Sales (you know the drill – in home party, plastic-ware with tight fitting lids, jewelry, cosmetics). I have had a lot of interests and skills that would allow me to maintain a “business” in one of those categories. The problem was that even though they were a means to have a business – it was not what I was passionate about.

Then I learned about Virtual Assistants. Aha! What a great opportunity. I could work from home, set my own hours, use my experience and skills to help other people. I began my journey to become a VA and launched my own business! To be a well-rounded and super knowledgeable VA I studied, read and accumulated mass amounts of information and reference materials. A great deal of this info was centered on building a business and how to be successful in this day and age.

Enter – Social Media – Uh Oh!

Ok, I admit that I am a very safety conscious gal. I like the feeling of security. Locks on doors, insurance, 401k’s, and privacy. When people began using Social Media I was very hesitant, I was worried about exposing myself. How ironic that I am now a Social Media Manager! Who would’ve ever thought that was going to happen? Definitely not me.

The thing is I totally get it now. I have learned how important Social Media Marketing is to market a business. If your business doesn’t have an online presence people are not going to find you. Period. The days of hauling out the yellow pages and looking up a number for a service provider are nearly gone. Most people pull out a smartphone or log on to their computer and Google search for whatever they are looking for. You MUST have an
online presence to be competitive nowadays.

Improving your online presence is what Just Call Melody is all about. After meeting you and learning about your business goals I can help you prepare a plan and guide you through the process of establishing a strong online presence. It can be as basic or extensive as you choose. Everyone has varying comfort levels in regards to interacting on social media. I honor those feelings and would love to help you find a process that will work for you.

That’s it. Thanks for sticking around and reading about me. You’ve learned of my life story and my passion for helping others, it’s what makes me most happy.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you just give me a call. I offer FREE initial consultations, a great opportunity to discuss your business and answer any questions that you may have.
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