Ooohh…That word can be scary.  But not here.

In the world of Online Presence an Audit is a thorough examination or evaluation of social media profiles, websites and how well your business is being found during a Google Search. As Martha Stewart would say “It’s a Good Thing”.

How does your business rank during a Google Search?

Are you being “found” when someone Googles your product/service for your area?

If you are not being found then you are missing out on potential business.

Most people in this digital world are searching for local business online, usually with a smart phone. If your business isn’t a result in that Google search – that potential customer is heading off to your competition to make a purchase.

An audit of your business’ online presence will thoroughly examine how well your business information is being presented and found on internet search engines and within social media.

Careful review of existing social media profiles, website, or total online presence will provide clear information on what is and is not working.

Do you know how your business measures up?

An audit will give you clear, concise information along with guidelines on how to improve your online presence.

Types of Audits:
Social Media
Complete Online Presence

An in-depth audit of your social media site(s) which include:
• Evaluation of your current profile set up, posting frequency and engagement.
• Comparison of platforms – is your branding and voice consistent?
• Proper use of keywords and check for information that should be included to ensure findability.
• You will receive a detailed report providing feedback regarding what is working and what isn’t working. You will also receive easy to implement steps to boost your online presence along with ideas that you can implement to optimize and encourage engagement.


A thorough review of your existing website. Assessing the design, navigation and content. Particular attention will be given to the Home Page, About Page, Products/Services, and Contact information.
You will receive a detailed report providing feedback and recommendations to optimize web presence.

A comprehensive review of your existing website, social media profiles and your current ranking within a Google search.
This package includes an in depth look at how your business is seen (or not) by potential
You will receive a written report providing detailed feedback and step by step recommendations that you can implement to optimize your online presence.

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