Everyone that I meet and every business that I encounter is unique. We all have our own strengths, skills, weaknesses and opinions regarding what is right, wrong, awesome or awful.

Helping all of these different types of people in the same way is just not realistic. That is why I offer Custom Solutions.

Customized service packages created especially for you.

After determining what is most important to you and what goals you would like to meet I help you to decide how you can most easily reach those goals.

Together we can create a plan that will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a good plan in place and access to expert advice.

Whether you require a firm structured plan or are more comfortable with less stringent guidelines, we can create the perfect environment for you to move your online business presence to where it needs to be.

You set the pace for your plan.
Whether your type is a “let’s get this all done now!”
– or –
a “let’s work on one small thing at a time.”

I’m comfortable working with all types and am happy to customize your experience. The goal is always to make you feel comfortable with your social media and online presence.

I offer comprehensive plans that encompass your entire online presence, online marketing, SEO optimization and weekly consultation, as well as, low-structure plans that allow the you to set the pace while giving you access to me when needed.

The creation of your solution is just a call away.

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